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Acquire and manage the services of Estate Agents, Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers.

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Join Vendorable and let real estate service providers come to you with their proposals. Want to use Vendorable in your organisation? Request a demonstration.

Competitive tender process

By finding a real estate agent through a competitive tender, sellers get more information, transparency and value for money.

Reporting tools

Data-rich comparisons of real estate agents. Comprehensive marketing and sales summaries. Track agent progress. Stay up to date at every step.


Sellers pay nothing. Agents pay 5% (plus tax) of their commission earned on a successfully completed sale to Vendorable.

Agent ratings

Benefit from others' experience with agents. Leave your own ratings. Find agents who continually perform.

Seller teams

Security level access for your enterprise. Work as an individual or as a team. Keep stakeholders informed.

Agency agreements

Transact completely online. Use an industry leading multi-jurisdictional agency agreement bundled with our terms of service.

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Convenience, Efficiency & Follow through

We put finding an agent at sellers' fingertips. And we make submitting proposals to sellers a breeze. But we go two steps further. Sellers appoint agents electronically through our agency agreement rules contained in our terms of service. And agents report to sellers on marketing and sales activities through the same work process for each of the sellers' sales.

Independence & Transparency

We are a third-party conduit connecting sellers and real estate agents. Our focus is on market efficiency of the real estate services sector so that sellers and agents benefit alike. We strike a fair balance between sellers and agents. And we help agents to service sellers with superior reporting tools to provide clear channels of communication.


Use Vendorable to get a real estate professional for your job now, at no cost. Do you work in real estate? Sign up, build your profile, view opportunities and bid for them. Our service fee is 5% (plus tax) of commission on successfully completed transactions.

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