Our mission is to organize the world's real estate industries.

Vendorable is creating a new operating environment for real estate industry participants. Transacting in and around real estate needs to be simple, safe, efficient and transparent. Real estate markets are now global. We are delivering the technology required for the service industries attached to these markets to also act globally. Vendorable is connecting all real estate market participants in one network.


Our team's experience spans financial, legal, real estate & tendering.

Jason Weeks
CEO | Co-Founder

From 2008 to 2013 Jason worked with Vicon Services as a Director and Business Development Manager building and growing an organisation to over A$30m+ in revenue and more than 100+ staff across NSW, VIC, QLD, WA & NT. He has worked closely with large enterprise clients in mining, oil & gas, government & infrastructure and power & utilities for the past 10 years across Australia and the US and secured key contracts in excess of US$100m. Vicon was acquired in 2013 by EnerMech for A$30m and successfully integrated across 2013-2015, driving double digit growth in both revenue and personnel in the Australian market.

Jason was previously an analyst at Deutsche Bank working in both Financial Sponsors / Leveraged Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions. Jason holds a Bachelor of Commerce and is a Graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is currently finishing his MBA with the Australian Graduate School of Management where in 2011-12 he completed his Graduate Certificate of Change Management. He was selected for Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn) CS183C course at Stanford in 2015. Jason is committed to helping the startup community in Australia, serving on the advisory board of Qwilr.com.

Harry Lehmann
Chairman | Co-Founder

Harry conceived of the idea for a more instantaneous and transparent real estate services model in mid-2013 and thereafter began researching and writing the specification for what Vendorable has become today. Since 2006 Harry has worked in private law firms, first as a clerk and then as a solicitor. He started his own practice Lehmann & Co in 2013. Harry has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions covering the spectrum of legal practice in this area. In 2011, Harry successfully defended proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia claiming relief under independent contractors legislation in the context of a commercial arrangement. The case became one of the first judicial interpretations of the statute.

Since 2012 Harry has been a part-time member of staff at the Australian National University tutoring in succession law. He holds a Bachelor of Science in genetics and molecular biology and a Bachelor of Laws. Harry is subeditor at Quillette Magazine.

Shane Niu
Lead Developer | Co-Founder

Shane has worked as a software engineer/devops for Australia’s largest real estate website REA Group and one of Australia’s most prominent betting websites TAB. His career has also included work for Fairfax Digital and Fujitsu Australia. While working at these organisations he gained valuable knowledge and experience. He has been instrumental in building on their robust distributed backend systems serving thousands of requests per second and securing a platform carrying significant revenue. His software development and devops skills for building the backend stack are a powerful addition to Vendorable.

Shane holds a Bachelor of Electronic and Information Engineering from Hunan University, China along with a Master in Distributed Computer Engineering from the University of Melbourne. He is bilingual speaking Mandarin and English. Shane is passionate about startups and programming. He often prototypes a number of startup ideas and always helps mentor younger developer colleagues.

Paul Hughes
Chief Business Development Officer

Paul is an expert in enterprise sales, business development and partnerships. He has 10+ years of experience in contract management, procurement and tendering experience. Paul delivered major contracts for EnerMech where he secured A$100m+ of work over a three year period. This work supported the pre-commissioning and startup of over A$30bn in LNG assets across Australia. In addition, he developed EnerMech's tendering and marketing functions, which subsequently served as a model that was rolled out across all the sales teams within EnerMech's 2500 personnel globally.

Paul has worked in industrial and infrastructure service provision both in Australia and abroad. In particular, he has worked on key infrastructure for State and Federal governments such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Real estate sales

The Vendorable platform allows for sellers to appoint and work with real estate agents. Using Vendorable makes acquiring and managing the services of a real estate selling agent or broker more efficient. We are focused on assisting enterprise class property sellers with procurement and contract management in this area. And we welcome anyone who wants to experience a smarter way to sell real estate onto the platform. By participating in a market for sales listings agents and brokers will be able to transform the way they work. They select the jobs they are willing to take on and benefit from technology-enabled work processes.

Real estate leasing

Coming soon.