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How Vendorable works

For real estate agents

Step 1
Sign up for an agent account

Sign up to offer your services on Vendorable as an agent. There’s no fee to join the platform, build your profile or view opportunities and start bidding for them.

Once you're signed in you can also live chat with the team which is the fastest way to get assistance.

Step 2
Create your profile

Enter your credentials and showcase your previous experience, areas of expertise and detail your property preferences. Once you’ve completed your profile it will need to be verified for you to continue.

Verification ensures that you are in the Vendorable platform with a community of other vetted real estate professionals.

Step 3
Browse opportunities

Search for potential new work advertised under "Jobs". We will also email you recommended opportunities that match your opportunity radius.​​​ If you have been directly requested to tender your services by a property owner, you can also access the opportunity that awaits under "Bids". Because your profile is made publicly discoverable, property owners can make sure you are alerted to submit a proposal to obtain new work.

Step 4

Offer your services to win new work. When you submit a proposal for an opportunity of interest it is immediately available for your potential new client to consider.

If you want to update your bid at a later date, you can. You're in control.

Electronic appointment

Get to work faster with electronic agreements. Property owners are able to engage your services online, combining your submission with the agency agreement contained in our terms of service. This lets you get started on helping your new client more quickly and eliminates paperwork delays.

Vendorable helps ensure anything you're committing to is compliant by continually updating our terms of service and platform to reflect regulatory change.

Work and communicate

Keep your new client informed of progress post-appointment via our easy-to-use workspace. The property owner will be able to receive an update from you with your detailed information as to the progress of the transaction at any time of day. You will help your client keep proper records and you will meet all of your compliance obligations. The workspace also allows you to communicate with instant messaging and file sharing.

Vendorable is mobile friendly, which makes updating on the go via your phone or tablet easy.

Frequently asked questions

Some answers to commonly asked questions by agents

Agents sign up, build their profile, view opportunities and start bidding for them for free. Fees for successfully completed transactions are detailed in our terms of service. For a sale job, our service fee is calculated at 5% of gross commission plus tax in accordance with the terms of service. For a lease job, our service fee is calculated at 25% of gross letting fee plus tax in accordance with the terms of service.

Real estate services is a regulated market. We guide you with compliance obligations for the benefit of you and owners. We keep up to date with legislative changes in real estate regulation so that our platform continues to work for you.

Still have questions?
The fastest way for us to help you is to sign up to our platform and use the question mark in the bottom right hand corner to chat live with our team. However, if you don't want to sign up and still have a question you can head to our contact page and send us an email.