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Designed For Government

Government property teams use Vendorable with confidence
Delivering a comprehensive solution

Vendorable is a procurement and contract management solution. It allows government property departments to quickly go out to tender each time the need arises to appoint a real estate service provider. The platform then provides contract management software throughout the transaction.

At each phase, valuable data points and key records are retained. Post transaction these are then analysed in aggregate so that government teams can continuously improve.

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Example case study

As part of a significant restructure of a government property team, Vendorable was selected and implemented as a method for improving the following:

  • Value for money during tender
  • Decreasing file time
  • Improving business continuity
  • Creating greater transparency
  • Increasing productivity


The following outcomes were achieved:

  1. More than A$300m in property was transacted in the first twelve months.
  2. The property team, which had been reduced in size by 70%, was able to balance its workload using improved processes.
  3. Files were no longer in email, reducing the impact of high staff turnover.
  4. For the first time, the property team was able to provide the department with uniform detailed statistics across all of its sales in real time.

Vendorable improved time on file by 59.1% post implementation.

Clients saved an average of 0.55% commission as compared to the previous process.

Marketing costs were reduced on average by over $4,000.

Other case studies


Vendorable works with insolvency practitioners to help realise assets efficiently.


Legal practitioners use Vendorable on behalf of and in conjunction with clients.

Property development

Developers utilise Vendorable for run off and off-the-plan sales.